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Terackie Pintabians Foals

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2013 Foals

Terackie Amir

Homozygous tobiano colt - SOLD

Terackie Azraf

Homozygous tobiano colt - For sale

Terackie Malikah

Homozygous tobiano filly - For sale

2012 Foals

Terackie Anisah, 


Terackie Jassirah


Terackie Yasmeen,


Terackie Psynsatonal Design


2011 Foals

First foal of 2011 born at 3.45am Thursday 17th Feb

Terackie Jameelat Al Alwan (aka Saphire)

(arabic name meaning Colourful Beauty)



2010 Foals

Terackie  Ben Al Hazzar
January 10th 2010

Pintabian colt homozygous for tobiano and black, 99.7% arabian.

Sire: Royal Court Jester

Dam: GP Dandis Dream


Terackie Amirah Moulawana

Pintabian filly 99.8% arabian

Sire: Psynergy
Dam: GP Dandi Gem



2009 Foals


Friday 13th March 2009!!!

Unlucky for some .......but not for us

Friday saw the arrival of our second  Pintabian foal for 2009 and it's another gorgeous filly , very pretty bay and white 99.7% arab.

Terackie Shakira

For sale

Sire: Royal Court Jester
Dam: GP Dandi Gem

Shakira has been tested homozygous for the tobiano gene!!  Woo hoo!!


2nd Feb 2009 first foal of the year arrived and it's a filly again!!

Terackie Talj Layla 
(arabic name meaning snow night)

For Sale

Sire: Royal Court Jester Dam: GP Dandis Dream

Layla is a 99.7% arabian blood  bay and white pintabian, she has a nice exotic head and is quite evenly marked.  She has a very friendly and brave nature enjoying lots of attention.  Having been born on a night that gave us the worst snow storm we'd seen in 18 years we thought her name was very appropriate "Talj Layla" arabic meaning Snow Night.

2008 foals

    22.02.08 saw the birth of this years first pintabian foal a beautifully marked  very pretty bay and white filly with 99.8% arabian blood.

Terackie Samira Khan

Sire: Ali Khan  Dam: GP Dandis Dream

A very relaxed foal only a few hours old.

Samira is a very well marked filly with beautiful dished head and tiny muzzle, neat ears and very flambouyant in her movement.  She is growing into a beautiful showy filly who should excel in the show ring either in-hand or under saddle or later as a broodmare.  There are lots of coloured part-bred arabs around but Samira is one of only a handful of Pintabians (over 99% arab blood) here in the UK.


Her sire Ali Khan

Owned by Hunnyhill Arabians, bred at Bychan Arabians and now standing at stud there for 2007 he boasts the following results

1st & Res Senior Male Champion - European Championships Verona Italy.
1st & Res Senior Male Champion - ISIS Arabian Cup 'B' Switzerland 2005
2nd & Res Senior Male Champion - Saint Tropez Arabian Club
1st All Nations Cup Aachen - Germany 2004
3rd European Championships - Belgium
3rd International Arabian "b" Show Lingfield.
3rd El Ran Arabian Cup "a" Belgium
3rd International Arabian "B" Show Lingfield.2004
3rd El Ran Arabian Cup "A" Belgium.
British National Champion in 2003
1st & top 5 In Europe - All Nations Cup
1st & Senior Champion - Wessex Spring Show
1st & Senior Champion & Supreme Champion Wales and West.
1sr & Senior Male & Best Stallion Champion - AHS Summer Show
2nd & Res Senior Champion - Wessex Summer Show
2nd & Res Senior Male Champion - UKIAHS
3rd World championships Paris


   05.04.08 Our second pintabian filly foal arrived, another little beauty and this time sired by Master Design GA.  She is a  bay and white 99.8% arabian blood.

Terackie Colour By Design

Sire: Master Design GA      Dam: GP Dandi Gem


Colour By Design or Ruby as she has been called is an outstanding filly, beautiful head, teacup muzzle, lovely neck set and high tail carriage.
Video clip here

Her sire Master Design GA owned by Rod Jones Bychan Arabians


Sire: Versace   Dam: Bea Society Belle

Ruby June 2008



  Terackie P Sweetheart
GP Dandis Dream
GP Dandi Gem
Royal Court Jester
Terackie Colour By Design
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