Terackie Stud

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of Palomino Welsh Ponies & Cobs
Terackie Pintabians


These terms and conditions have been put in place to safeguard both Us (Terackie Stud - the vendors) and You (the purchaser). By paying your deposit you are agreeing that you accept our terms and conditions of sale, please read through them carefully and only pay your deposit if you fully agree to them.

  • 1.  A deposit will secure any foal to weaning, the deposit is non-refundable except in the event of a foals death, failing a vetting or if we deem it unfit/unready for sale.  The foal remains the property of Terackie Stud until paid for in full.

  • 2. An approximate date for weaning will be given first and an exact date to be agreed by both Us and You nearer to weaning when we see how the foals growth and development is progressing.  Once this date has been agreed You will be expected to collect the foal on the date agreed.  A livery charge will be added to any equines not collected as arranged.  Any equines not collected within 1 month of the agreed collection date will be re-offered for sale and Your deposit will be lost.

  • 3. All our equines are open to vetting, at the cost of the purchaser, by a veterinarian nominated by the purchaser we can supply a few local vet's number's if required.  In the event of the horse or foal failing the veterinary vetting the agreement shall, at the option of the purchaser, become void and the deposit shall be refundable in full.

  • 4. The health and well being of the foal is our responsibility until the foal is paid for in full or the collection date (whichever is first) and then it becomes your responsibility, it is recommended that you take out an insurance policy to include cover for vets and travelling.  *Whilst every care is taken any foal that has not been collected by the agreed date is left at YOUR risk. 

  • 5. Colts can be gelded at the cost of the purchaser while still with their Mothers on the condition that the full purchase price is paid prior to the gelding and full responsibility for the foal passes to the purchaser. All veterinary costs must be born by the purchaser and paid direct to the vet.

  • 6. All foals will be handled.

  • 7. The seller,apart from any obligation to refund the deposit, will have no further liability towards the purchaser for any loss, actual or consequential.

    up-dated 15.01.10